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  1. Hades Grand
  2. Summer of Love
  3. Foolish Questions
  4. Arnold
  5. Wavin' Joe
  6. Old Blevins
  7. Nobody Hugs a Hedgehog
  8. Mexican Rabbi
  9. Early Easter Morning
  10. Little Blue Book
  11. Individuation Blues
  12. Dead Dog Cider
  13. Stuck In the Mud
  14. Ballad of Molly the Dog
  15. Gather the Family
  16. Christmas in the Trenches
More about Collection
A sampling of songs for adults that Ken has collected and performed over the years.

"Wavin' Joe" was honored by its inclusion on the Weird New Jersey Magazine ( latest compilation CD, "Local Heroes, Villains and Artists of Weird NJ". The CD will be included for a limited time only with the this special issue. A big thanks to Weird NJ for including Wavin' Joe on their CD. Here is their video of the story.

From the Weird NJ CD it went to the Greasy Kids Stuff radio program and was voted one of the 30 best songs for kids of 2002. Greasy Kids Stuff, can be heard every Saturday morning from 10am until noon over the airwaves of WFMU 91.1 FM in NJ, WXHD 90.1 in Upstate NY, and over the Internet at I'd like to thank show host Belinda and Hova for this Greasy honor. Visit the Greasy Kids Stuff website, and here is the list: A Great show--check it out sometime.


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