Fishin' With Ish

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"Fishin' With Ish" was named a 2010 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Honors winner.

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  1. Fishin' With Ish
  2. Some Houses
  3. The Snowman's Song
  4. A Cowboy's Got A Horse
  5. Field Trip
  6. Tricksters
  7. Go Stay Fetch
  8. Howl At The Moon
  9. Little Blue Top
  10. Open A Book
  11. The Sick Note
  12. Suzy and the Alligator
  13. Mother'­s Plaint (Mother Planet Rap)
  14. I am a Pizza
  15. Potato
  16. Color Song
  17. It's Better Than That
  18. Old Saint Helen
  19. Can't Find My Invisibility Cloak
  20. I Love Daddy
  21. Lullaby

More about Fishin' With Ish

“Fishin’ With Ish” has twenty one (21) of Ken’s favorite and most requested songs; children songs that adults love and adult songs that children love, songs that invite participation of all ages. They are spirited fun songs for listening, singing, howling, stomping, calling out and laughing along for the whole family. Seventy minutes of music, great for those long car rides. Songs include, “Fishin’ With Ish”, “Old Saint Helen”, “Some Houses”, Suzy and the Alligator, “I Am a Pizza” and the song that brings a tear to many a parent's eye, “I Love Daddy”.

What listeners have to say:

Its delightful for my children (age 4 and 9) and my husband and me. We like hearing about not only fun, silly songs but ones with messages of tolerance and treating the earth respectfully. Thanks for making this recording.
Barbara Murray - Mother

It has become a staple at dinner time. Logan wants to hear “Top Song” and “Pizza song” over and over and over again. It makes for an entertaining meal and even after. Darby laughs up a storm at Logan dancing around!
Liana J. W.

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying this CD!  Boy if I was in the classroom I would be using it everyday.  "Some Houses" would be right on the mark for unit on families and homes.  "Little Blue Top" for stewardship of earth. "Open a Book" would be a great way to cue kids to come to the rug to listen to a story.  "The Color Song" for teaching tolerance.  and so much more just for FUN. How did you ever learn to speak so fast?  "The Snowman Song" is unbelievable! I love "I Can't Find My Invisibility Cloak". My daughter and I (she works with little ones at daycare) howled when we heard
"I Love Daddy"  it was comical and so sweet!  Thanks for the fun!
Debra Scala – Former Kindergarten Teacher

We got Ken's CD "Fishin with Ish" when we heard him do a storytelling talk for our mom's group. My 4 yr old immediately wanted to listen to it, and hasn't asked for anything else since! We listen to it every time we are in the car, and it makes the trip FUN!!! We all (including my 2 yr old) sing along and at any given time during the day, my kids break into song. Thanks Ken for such friendly, warm entertaining music! It is a really great CD!
Stephanie Field
Chapter Leader - Somerset County NJ Holistic Moms Network

I LOVE your CD, but especially the way you arranged "The Color Song"! I'm always interested to hear other people's versions of my songs.   You gave it a really cool beat and tweaked the message to make it your own. And I loved your choice of material and your own songs.  You have a wonderful, funny, loving approach to children's music.  Congratulations on a first-class album!!!!  I'm a big fan!
Patricia Shih - Singer, Songwriter, Author

Robby has requested that I put on the song Fishin' with Ish in an infinite loop in the player, and is at this moment doing a nice solo interpretive dance. Last week his preferred song was Jump by Van Halen, so this is a BIG step up.
Jim Speer - Father, Bass Player for Broadside Electric

The CD sounds awesome! What fun songs! Alban is in _love_ with it you're ranking up there in his book with The Police and U2!!!
 Vesper Stamper - Singer, Songwriter, Artist



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