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  1. The Railways of NY
  2. Whichever Way You Throw Me
  3. Heros
  4. No One Wants to Meet a Skunk
  5. Dachshundia
  6. Arnold
  7. Can't Find My Invisibility Cloak
  8. Last Incurable Romatic
  9. Another Bloody Chorus
  10. History Man
  11. He Touches Me
  12. Elect Me
  13. Places
  14. That's Why I Bought All These Houses
  15. Go Stay Fetch
  16. Remembrance
  17. Time (Love is Sweeter Now)
  18. I Am a Journey
  19. All is Not Lost
  20. Railroad Called Again

More about Ken Sings Les

Ken's love affair with the poems of Les Barker and his putting them to music has been recorded on his new CD with full arrangements. Twenty songs where recorded with the help of many talented and creative musicians who helped create beautiful arrangements that complements Les's lyrics and my melodies. The musicians include: Liz Cabrera, Joe D'Andrea, Dave Kleiner, Jeff Loy, Jeff Rantzer, Jean Rohe, Ralph Litwin, Frank Sole, Bill Meyer, Tom Pylant, Kirsten & Kris & John Lamb, Lew Gelfond, Dave Rimelis, Eric Shaberg, Darrell Courtley, Jim Speer, Dean Rickard, Beth Bachmann, Lynda Wright, Scott Kesselman, John Conte, Dave Cornell, Ken & Pat Rolston, David & Debbie Derr, Maggie Reilly, Jerry Sullivan, Pamela Feehan, Diane Grabowski, Don MacGowan.

Co-producers Ken Galipeau and Paul Gallagher.

CD includes all lyrics and comments by Ken and Les Barker.

  • "History Man" (an anti war song) has been recorded by Hillary Spencer.
  • "The Railways of New York" (a love song) was sung by Jack Hudson on the recording "Twilight of the Dogs" and sung by Christine Deleon and others.
  • "Can't Find My Invisibility Cloak" was included on the recording "CATNAV"
  • "Heroes" is a song about the real heroes of 9/11 that people have requested a recording of.

I was initially drawn to reciting Les' funny poems and found I was inspired to sing his serious poems and then his funny ones as well. These are funny and serious poems that called to me and said "I want to be a song".

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