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* "The girls' lives were truly enriched... You taught them to enjoy music and to enjoy their own voices." - Maryanne Pasquariello, Girl Scout Leader

* "Mr. Galipeau. we thank him from the bottom of our hearts. He taught us 'Ole St. Helen' until we knew all the parts". - Mrs Scala, Kindergarten Teacher.

What Young People Say
* "Mom, This Guys' Awesome!" - age 9, Cranford, NJ

* "I had never realized songs tie in with folk tales. The guitar makes the stories sound so much better." - Emily L. age 10, Parsippany, NJ

From 4th Grade Letters
* " Great Stories!" - Nick

* "I like the scary stories... the way you said it made my hands feel like they had cuts on them." - Stephanie W.

* "I have enjoyed your stories very much. I told my parents some and thought they were wonderful... If I had to pick a storyteller for highest honor, you'd be the man. (or is it storyteller)". - Lindsay L.

* "Best stories I have ever heard. I think you tell them better then people on T.V." ,- Eric M.

* "I thought folk tales were boring but I was wrong you made it fun and exciting to learn about them. I just got a little mad when you stopped coming". - Lindsay D.

* "Come back and tell us some stories. And I need some more to tell my family". - Meghan

* "I think your talent could work its self in to a kids T.V. show" - Kathy Q.

* "I wish you could have stayed and told more stories to us. I liked the sound effects especially. They were neat." - Melissa L.

* "You really have a big talent in folk tales... but there's one big talent you need in folk tales is to know what folk tales will get people to listen to you the most, and you surely have that talent" - Shawn M.

* "Thank you for taking our English RLA time. I hate that subject" - Name Withheld

* "I will share them with my children when I get older". - Scotty D.

* "Your stories have so much feeling and excitement". - Danielle P.

* "I don't think the stories would be as good if you weren't telling them. Your a great storyteller!". - Josh W.

* "It was funny because you can't have a dog with 2 legs up and 2 legs down. But you can't fool me, that's fiction" - Ulyse B.

* "We appreciate gross stories and nice ones too!" - Melissa G.

* "P.S. Your great with kids". - Cristina B.

* "You tell us weird, scary, funny, unusual and mysterious stories." - Gary H.

* "I don't have a favorite because they were all so good." - Kristal R.

* "The folk tales were excellent. Please come back again and tell us more of your fantastic folk tales" - Nitasha M.

* "These stories were the best I ever heard. I can imagine all your stories in my head" - Eric F.

* "I thought folk tales were boring but I was wrong you made it fun and exciting to learn about them. I just got a little mad when you stopped coming". - Lindsay D.

* "You really made me feel great". - Crystal W.

* "I am starting to tell them to my parents". - Jennifer F.

* "Please tell us more stories, sad, scary, and interesting, I don't care what kind, just come back" - Carmen C.

* "You are a great storyteller and you have a great voice". - Daniel M.

* "I really loved all your stories I am your biggest fan. Your my idel". - Jessica S.

* "It was exciting and I like exciting stories". - Steven P.

* "I had a good time". - Mike R.

* "I liked 'Mary Cohlhane too! That was downright spooky". - Gina M.

* "I think your stories and songs are really freaky. (That's why I like them)" - Andrew P.

* "Thank you for brightening up our day". - Annemarie R.

* "You are a natural storyteller!". - Alyssa R.

* "I can not believe that it is over. You are a very recomand you to my friends". - Matt

* "We love your stories more than life itself. I wish I was like you". - Jonathan J.

* "If our teacher asks you to come in ........ Do It!" - Tina D.

* "You have a good voice. You should be a country singer". - Philip V.

* "I liked when we sang with you". - Robert L. C.

* "Bone-chilling stories", - Jacque Best

* "Sorry we had all those interruptions and we were distracted. But your stories were so interesting that we couldn't stay distracted for long". - Manasi H.

* "You're a great storyteller. Your the best one I know! (Actually, you're the only one I know! Thanks!)" - David P.


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