Kenís music entertains, moves, and inspires all ages.
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"Schiff Is Where It's At" - Music Video

CD "Ken Sings Les" - 2008

Ken's love affair with the poems of Les Barker and his putting them to music has been recorded on his new CD with full arrangements. More details...

New Jersey: The Garden State Song - 2007

"The Garden State" a single. Has all the symbols, facts and history about New Jersey that every resident loves to know. A fun song to sing and shout along with. Many say it should be the state song! More details...

Fishin' With Ish - 2005

"Fishin' With Ish" has twenty one (21) of Ken's favorite and most requested songs; children songs that adults love and adult songs that children love, songs that invite participation of all ages. They are spirited fun songs for listening, singing, howling, stomping, calling out and laughing along for the whole family. Seventy minutes of music, great for those long car rides. More details...

"Fishin' With Ish" was named a 2010 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Honors winner.


Collection - 2000

A sampling of songs for adults that Ken has collected and performed over the years. More details...

Ken Sings Les - The Demo - 2003

Ken's love affair with the poems of Les Barker and his putting them to music. Simple arrangements. More details...

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