"Fishin' With Ish" was just named a
 2010 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA)
 Honors winner.


"Schiff Is Where It's At" - Music Video
CD - "Ken Sings Les"
New Jersey - The Garden State Song

Contagious energy, sincere enthusiasm, and an eclectic repertoire make Ken Galipeau a singer and storyteller unlike any other. Drawing from both time-tested tradition and his own experiences, Kenís songs will touch your heart and tease your soul. No matter whether heís playing for world-weary parents or excited kids, Ken knows just what songs are right for his audience.

In the past, Ken has worked at storytelling and music festival hosted by private clubs, private houses parties for kids and family, and at retirement homes. However, these are just a few of the types of venues he has worked. Versatile and passionate, Ken is available for anyone and everyone who might be interested in party entertainment in the New Jersey area.

On this website, you can find everything youíll need to know about Ken, including his calendar, CD store, and information on shows for both kids and adults. If youíre interested in booking Ken for an upcoming show, donít hesitate to reach out today.